People Are Talking

Many people have found canine massage to be a very rewarding addition to their dog’s life. Here’s what they’ve said:

“Dutch had severe lumbosacral arthritis and my vet recommended massage from Jill. Dutch’s condition improved dramatically after two massages. I noticed he was much more comfortable and his gait became much more natural. Dutch has significant improvement in range of motion as well as muscle tone. I’m convinced that massage has improved Dutch’s health and well-being. I’ve seen wonderful changes!” Andrea Stout, Fort Collins, Colorado

dutch_and_andrea“Massage helped Robo immediately and I was impressed with the improvement in his strength, mobility and energy level.” Beth Gaede, Retired K9 Officer and Trainer

“Last year my 4 year old yellow Lab Sid was suffering from an injured ACL. He limped frequently, was stiff and sore after lying down, he seemed depressed and could not run and play with other dogs. Jill began massage with him and now he plays with his playmates and rarely limps or gets stiff. If he has a problem, Jill is quick to come to my house to work with him. It is amazing what a difference massage has made, and what a great mood my dog is in again!” K. Forrest, Fort Collins, Colorado

“I know that in Jill’s capable and caring hands, the dogs feel better physically, mentally and emotionally. Once an animal feels comfortable, it’s much more likely that any training I do will stick.” Christine Samuelian, CPDT, Director of Animal Behavior and Training, Larimer Humane Society

chocolab“I’m not sure I can put into words the admiration and appreciation I feel for Jill. She worked with my dog Tucker after several orthopedic surgeries. Tucker found a significant amount of relief. Jill also worked on Hank who developed fairly aggressive arthritis in his spine. Hank had a much increased quality of life. Jill patiently worked with Mac who was experiencing muscle spasms in his back. Jill loves my dogs like they were her own. We are very fortunate to have her in our lives.” Bonnie Johnson, Fort Collins, Colorado

“Jazz is a retired field trial and agility competitor, in need of massage like any other athlete. Her quality of life has improved greatly due to the exceptional touch of Jill’s healing hands. Jill has an amazing talent of knowing what each dog needs individually.You will see the compassion that Jill has for helping each and every dog through your dogs’ attitude the minute they hear her voice!” Liz Blasio, APDT Training Director, Progressive School for Dogs, LLC